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Re:[IP] MM is my choice (was Re: [IP] strange experience with MM)

 I would be one of those silent MM users here. We have had both good and bad
experiences with MM. Initially I couldn't even get any other pump companies to
call me back except MM when we were first trying to get my dd on a pump. The
other 2 (at the time there was only Disitronic and Animas) wouldn't even talk to
me because she was only 2 at the time and they said she was too young and no
doctor was going to agree to let her pump. Well due to some strong urging from
you folks here - especially Michael. I pushed and low and behold the Doc changed
his mind. Well only MM seemed interested in me. Fast forward to October 2004,
time to get our next pump. I looked all the new ones with my dd's CDE and
basically thought they were all pretty much on par with one another. So, I let
her choose. She's the one who wears it 24/7. An of course she had to have the
purple. Which was fine with me. Now, my original rep was the best rep ever.
Always reachable, extremely knowledgeable about the pump and all upcoming
products, attentive, very, very good! Unfortunately he has moved on. (sniff,
sniff) My new rep is absolutely awful! Rude, inconsiderate, doesn't return
calls, and didn't even tell me when my insurance company had approved us to get
a new pump. I won't continue to bore you with the details, but I refuse to deal
with her at all. I only deal with customer service now...I have never had
anything but positive expericences with them. I do think it really is a YMMV
type of thing. I kind of think its like religion and politics! People are
passionate about their pumps and their pump companies. And as well they should
be. It is a part of your life that gives you freedoms that you don't have on
MDI. And just like everything in life, things are different for each person. I
have a friend who had an awful time with MM and loves Deltec. Another friend who
doesn't like Deltec or MM and loves Animas. Isn't it great that we have choices.
To think there used to be only one pump and you had to wear it on your back

 Mom to Shannon, 7 in 8 more days, dx'd at 13 months, pumping MM508 since 3/01--
but got the new 515 about 5 minutes ago!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!! Can't wait to hook her
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