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RE: [IP] MM future pump

I will correct a 129! Only under some circumstances, though. If it's 5 pm,
and I'm still at 129, I know my basal is too low for the day. Since my
basal is pretty dynamic with the hydrocortisone, being a little low on the
basal is nearly a given -- beats being a little high on it.

And yes, I do skip a meal and test my basals periodically -- but I do a
lot more little adjustments like this, because otherwise I'd never get to

But I agree, it would be easy to over-correct. You have to systematically
allow for IOB and be patient for that to work. And it gets tricky, say,
when you correct for 129, and an hour later, you're at 150 and need to add
in an additional correction! At 1 hour, or even 2, you haven't allowed
that initial correction much time to work!

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My thoughts are that *some* pumpers would correct everything over a
certain number and acquire a build-up on insulin they do not need nor
want. I have read of someone on the list correcting a 129. I'm elated if
I'm under 140 and around 100 so I can drive. Some ppl get too anxious to
correct and not allowing the IOB to fully work. I believe some of these
reasons are why they didn't have the cgms let the user know the results in
the beginning. YMMV Proceed with caution.

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