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Re: [IP] What is Insulin Pumpers?

    Anyone can chat... all the chat hosts support each other all the time. 
This year I have been very sick, because of the other hosts things got done. 
There is a host handbook that shows what to do and how to do it. We do 
practice chats with each other... most chats there is two or more hosts in 
them. Any new host work with a "old(ME)time" before they go out on their 
    The same is true with the Admins, they help each other all the time. See 
that is what IP is about "Support". But you can still make donations to IP 


From: <email @ redacted>

> In a message dated 12/16/2004 12:37:16 PM Central Standard Time,
> email @ redacted writes:
>> Well I think Sam and George have cover most of how IP works from the
>> Admins side.
> Thanks to everyone for their most informative responses.  I have learned a
> couple of things.  The most important is that we owe all of you volunteers 
> a
> GREAT thanks. It is unbelievable to me that ya'll volunteer as much time 
> as you
> do to assist with maintaining site, hosting chats and assisting members. 
> I
> also learned that I am too stupid to do any of the above.  Ha Ha, So I 
> guess I
> better keep my donations coming along with the rest of us users only.  My 
> hats
> are off to all of you.  This is a very informative and entertaining site.
> Thank-you again and have a Happy Holidays, Debbie - Aunt to Blake, age 5 
> dx at
> age 3, pumping with Paradigm 512 - soon to be 515 and Anna Beth age 25
> currently
> on Lantus and Humalog but looking at pumps next week - Hooray
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