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Re: [IP] Anyone have a flat test strip case?

Peter -
 I'm not sure if this helps, but I bought Lauren a neoprene case that allows me
to carry her supplies and the pump. It was actually recommended to me from my
doctor's office. The company is www.pumpwearinc.com

 I find I clip one to my pants when I don't have a pocketbook so I have lauren's
supplies also. It gives me piece of mind.
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On Wed, 15 Dec 2004 14:34:48 -0800 (PST), you wrote:

>> Now that I only have to carry test strips and a lancing device (only when
>>to home, obviously) along with my trusty pda, I'm looking for a way to carry
>>small of a case as possible. The round test strip vials make it very hard to
>>keep a small form factor. Anyone know of a flat test strip case?


Keep in mind that the manufacturer supplied plastic vials do more than just
store the strips. They are made with a desiccant interior layer to absorb
moisture and humidity. Stored without that, the strips go bad in any but the
dryest of air. I'd suggest finding a way to live with the manufacturer supplied
packaging unless you're willing to find some other sort of dessicant equipped
packaging.. I don't happen to like those vials all that much either, But they
are an important part of the accuracy of your meter. There are meter options
that avoid those round vials. Some brands of test strips can be had in
individual foil wrappers. No vials, but then you have to deal with a bit more
rubbish after a test. And there are several types of meter where the test
strips are contained in a cartridge of some type that is installed into the
meter. No additional storage containers needed, as well as no need to fumble
with the strips.

One thing you might investigate would be to use small zip lock bags. These
little things are common and handy in my work as a jeweler, and would easily
store a day's supply of strips which I might have extracted from the vial that
morning. But if I were doing that, I'd want to also see if I could find a
supply of the type of small dessicant packets, about the size of a sweet and
packet, that could then go into the ziplock along with strips. The result would
be a reasonably flat package that could even be kept in a wallet. Note that
dessicant gel packs have a limited life span, however many types (if the
external package of the dessicant is designed for it) can be recharged by
heating to drive off absorbed moisture. Doing things this way would require
you checking with the strip manufacturer for how long a strip is good outside
it's vial, whether my plan would work, etc. 


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