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Re: [IP] I'm Positive!!!

At 5:53 PM -0500 12/16/04, Robert Boyd wrote:
>George - What is the REAL cost of maintaining and support this 
>website?  We as members have just raised some money - how far does 
>that go?
>I am just wondering - but I will write to MM, but I would rather see 
>money donated to JDF to help find a cure !
>Robert B

Though, for some, it would simply be considered as "popcorn money", 
those contributions do add up and hopefully the $20,000 raised each 
year from the members will be met by an equal (hopefully More than 
equal) amount from the companies.  Each corporate contributor is 
limited by the IRS to a contribution of no greater than $5,000 (my 
understanding of the rules, but I'm not a CPA)   At one time Michael 
stated that the "bare-bones budget for I-P operations runs around 
$105,000 a year" and by those figures, our contributions really fall 
short.  Do we stop?  H*ll No!!  Look what we've done:

At 12:32 PM -0800 11/22/03, Michael wrote:
>No, I'm not thinking of making Insulin Pumpers a pay for subscription
>service. IP's mission is to bring the knowledge about solutions
>to everyday diabetes management problems and modern technology
>to "people with diabetes, their families, health car professionals
>and the public". To do that IP must reach the largest possible
>audience. This is a daunting task, but I believe that IP has made a
>large and positive difference in peoples lives since its inception.
>There are just a few indicators....
>1) the number of kids on the KIDS list has gone from ZERO to over
>700. When the list began, it was almost impossible to put a child on
>the pump. That list of kids alone, shown to reluctant endos, has
>swung the decision in favor for many kids.
>2) When IP began, there were only about 50,000 pumper in the United
>States around 100,000 world wide. Today there are close to 200,000
>pumpers in the United States alone with hundred's of thousands
>worldwide. In part due to the educational effort of IP and the
>general membership of this site "spreading the word".
>  3) The membership of IP has grown from a dozen or so folks to over
>4300 ACTIVE participants in our world wide forums with unique IP
>groups in Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Scandinavia
>as well as the US. Members are from almost every country in the world
>and every continent. Along the way, IP has served over 12,000
>families and individuals. In the last month or so I've received
>inquiries from Ethiopia, Malaysia and India and referred these people
>to pump resources close to them. I received a nice note (along with a
>donation) from a US member traveling in Brazil who needed supplies
>and was able to hook up with an IP member there.
>All of this is possible because of the support YOU provide to keep
>this organization going. It is far more than a "web site" or a "mail
>list". What makes IP great is the people who belong to the forums,
>the volunteers that work behind the scenes to make things happen and
>the knowledge and knowhow that we are able to provide EVERY MEMBER

I make a contribution at least Once every year to JDRF.  Though I've 
heard that line before (since '64) I Still believe in a CURE.  (my 
cure may not be your cure)   AND I make at least One monetary 
contribution a year to I-P.  That is how strongly I believe, that is 
how Strongly I-P has come through!  I don't think I'm asking for 
much, just for the members that use MM to ask them to support this 
site as Strongly as everyone else of you has!   Nothing More, and 
certainly Nothing Less!

GIVE so that others can Learn how to LIVE!!!!    PLEASE!

>>I think it is time for all MM members here to step forward and 
>>speak out. We cannot leave the cost of our forum just to three of 
>>the pump companies. It is time for #1 to step forward and pick up 
>>their share!  But remember, send a little honey along with that 
>>note you send to MM for their support!

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