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MM is my choice (was Re: [IP] strange experience with MM

Well, I"m back from my second visit to the endo's office, saw the NP again, 
and she's putting in the paperwork for a pump for me!!!  And it's a MM 715, 
which I think will be the best fit for me, and which is the company I like the 
 best so far as they've called and even sent me information unasked.... I had an
interesting thing happen last week when I emailed someone not at MM to ask 
for a copy of some research information on type 2s and the pump, and got the 
information from an MD at MM with a nice note.

Granted they want to sell the pumps, but this was extra.

So, I"m crossing my fingers that I might actually be pumping before too 
 long!!!! I'm even willing to adjust my post Christmas travel plans if I can

The animas rep called once, about 6 weeks ago and pushed on me the fact that 
the animas is waterproof, but that's almost a non-issue since, as someone 
 pointed out, none of the other crap one must carry around is waterproof, so
I'm on my kayak, I'll put stuff in a dry bag and protect the pump. And when I 
 swim, I'll disconnect, which is fine anyway since my insulin needs are lower at
that time. Also, the animas reservoir only holds 200 units, and as a very IR 
type 2, that wouldn't work for me.  I did like the size, but there's the 
tradeoff right there.

Cozmo - have never heard one word from them.  They sent me their packet and 
that's it.  Actually, they didn't send it the first time I asked, but they did 
send it the second time.  I think it's a good pump, and it would perhaps have 
been my fist choice had they shown any interest in me as a customer, though 
I've never liked the look of it much...

Now, what color do I get???


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