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Re: [IP] strange experience with MM

 Sorry to cut you off at the knees on this one, but I've had worse Customer
Service from Animas than I ever had from Minimed. To this day, I have had only
one call from my Rep and that was only after I threatened to send the pump back
and go with another company. When she finally did call, she let me know how
pissed she was that I had forced her to have to call me. I have not heard from
her since and that's been over 2 years now. I met her by accident in October
2003 at our local Diabetes Expo, it had been 8 months since her forced call to
me and she was still rude and didn't want to meet me at all. No one from that
company ever, ever calls me, ever. I have not ordered pump supplies since May
2004 and yet I have not even had a curiousity call about my pump supplies. But
then again I guess do live in "No Man's Land" atleast that's how they all act.

 "email @ redacted" <email @ redacted> wrote:That does sound strange. In
my area the Pump companies
are frothing at the mouth to meet me. If you want to
go with a company that will keep tabs on you better
than any check out Animas. Although I'm not an Animas
Pumper they have the best customer relations.

email @ redacted
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