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Re: [IP] lab results that are kind of spooking me out here

One thing to look at is whether you might be dehydrated. There are various
types of dehydration, but generally by removing water, you leave behind a
larger fraction of proteins (including albumin), red blood cells,
hemoglobin (hemocrit). You may or may not have various electrolytes
(sodium, potassium) in the higher range as well -- but if they're the
cause, they might be on the low side as well.

I don't know how pregnancy affects things, either, but I certainly
wouldn't panic and decrease liquids or protein without a clearer picture
of what's going on.

Judging the state of hydration (and cause if dehydrated) from the blood
workup is tricky, and I'm certainly not going to try to substitute for
your doctor.

Glad to hear you're taking folic acid.

Where do you get your blood drawn from? I find I do better from the back
of the hand or side of the wrist; you may find changing the location may
help with the blown veins. Also, try to be well hydrated before the draw.

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Anyway, I got the results back before the doctors office (I sneak my fax #
onto the req) and the creatine for urine is elevated at 2.0  (range is
.06-1.8) and my protein is at 243 which is high (range is <138). The
random urines are always fine and is this time too, blood  work for it is
ok  too.. but the "stuff" itself shows high. No high blood pressure, no
swelling, no backache ... go potty a lot (drink a lot too) ...  wondering
if this is the beginning of "the end" or what? CALGON!!!!!!!!!!!! Do I cut
out proteins in my foods now? Decrease liquids.. what??????

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