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[IP] lab results that are kind of spooking me out here

OK, went and got stabbed the other day, frickin again ... this time for my  
A1C, 24 HR creatine clearance and God only knows what else, to see if I am 
 human and bleed? Anyway, I got the results back before the doctors office (I
sneak my fax # onto the req) and the creatine for urine is elevated at 2.0  
 (range is .06-1.8) and my protein is at 243 which is high (range is <138). The
random urines are always fine and is this time too, blood  work for it is ok 
 too.. but the "stuff" itself shows high. No high blood pressure, no swelling,
no backache ... go potty a lot (drink a lot too) ...  wondering if this is the 
beginning of "the end" or what?  I am not really a  fan of the doctor, or his 
"lovely" M.A... and know that others on here that are  dialyzing and have had 
this too.  Does the fact of having D for 26+ years  and pregnant and the fact 
that I was not treated for my D for oho 20 years have  a slight or higher 
 than usual tendency to mean that kidneys are going "on strike?" I take 2 81 mg
aspirin a day (doc recommended) and my insulin and  my prenatal horse pill and 
800 folic acid.  Nothing else.  I am always  more "jumpy" about anything that 
shows up "not normal" and like I said.. Not a  great fan of this guy (glad it 
is only for a short amount of time, that seems  like eternity though)!  Any 
 clues or ideas of knowledge would help! I have not had a problem with high BP
before, but after seeing this result, it is  elevating on its own right now.  
UGH!  Before I got PG I was taking  40mg lisinipril for kidneys, and now that 
PG, of course NOT!  Is there  anything that is "safe" to take during prego 
times for this?  Or can they  do nothing but wait till it gets "real bad" then 
dialyze?  (No offense to  those that do, but I sure as crap can't do that with 
my veins.. They blow really  bad just getting a regular lab every month so far 
with a 27 gauge butterfly...)  I am loosing my little mind here.. 
 CALGON!!!!!!!!!!!! Do I cut out proteins in my foods now? Decrease liquids..
~ ShawnaLT in AZ on IP that is  PG 
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