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Re: [IP] I'm Positive!!!

In a message dated 12/16/04 7:43:45 AM, email @ redacted writes:
> If Animas, Deltec and heck, even Disetronic who doesn't
> sell any pump right now, feel that it is worthwhile to support our
> forum, why not Medtronic?

Hmmm.   Maybe because Animas, Deltec and Disetronic don't get daily hate mail 
messages on the IP?   Even if someone is having a problem with one of those 
pumps and posts a message or question, not once have I read an e-mail response 
against whichever company manufactures the pump in question.   As soon as 
anyone asks a question about a problem with MM or their MM pump, there will 
 regularly be 10-20 messages chiming in "that's why I tossed MM and went

Considering the number of MM pumpers on this list, it amazes me that most sit 
silent.   If one is part of the overwhelming majority of pumpers on this list 
(and in the general insulin-pumping population) using MM products, they need 
to SPEAK UP and sing the raises of their pump when MM is getting bashed.   
 Once MM sees that there is a favorable environment for them to spend their
they will do so.   As I have mentioned before, when I sold car magazine 
advertising, no domestic manufacturers advertised because our magazine was an 
 import car publication and the climate wouldnt have been favorable for them to
so.   Companies advertise where they feel the will reap the most benefit and a 
negetive environment towards their products is not the best use of their 

Keep in mind that the change in environment wouldn't have immediate impact 
 though. All corporate budgets are set far in advance of their calendar year or
fiscal year, so just because you ask for money now, doesn't mean it is in the 
budget tomorrow.   All corporations have procedures for requesting donations. 
  When handling fund-raising for my Camp Fire USA Council and lots of other 
non-profits, a formal letter on official stationary with all the apropriate 
 information was required at the company at least 3 months before their
year began for requests to make that budget even if it was a company who had 
previously donated.   Some companies do quarterly budgets, but some do them 

Just my 2 cents that I have given before, but the same questions keep coming 
up, so I drag out the same answers.

~ Michelle ~
Sequim, WA
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