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Re: [IP] What is Insulin Pumpers?

Pumper and Friends,
    Well I think Sam and George have cover most of how IP works from the 
Admins side.
 :-) As I talked about before I have been around since before the group was 
IP. As IP Chatmaster, I'm the one who setup guest chats with help from 17 
chat hosts. We host nightly chats. Being a IP Chat Host: means you will be a 
member of a team, to help the other hosts with chats, be supportive, hosting 
a chat at a set time and day or being a sub-host when main co-hosts is away. 
You greet people, try to keep the conversation going, being friendly, and 
trying to keep things "On Topic" when there is one.
    For Guest Chats, a host is the contact and host for that Guest Chat's: 
If you are the contact person for a pump company Guest Chat you need to 
contact them 1 month before to get & check on "Topic and Speaker" for 
up-coming chats. Check that the date is on file (Calendar) and the speakers 
are members of IP.
    I work to see that a topic is covered that the membership wants to learn 
about,  make sure that a chat post is sent out about up-coming chat, check 
that speakers are members of IP, see that images for chats are uploaded to 
the server, help members with problems... how to get into chat rooms... find 
info about chats... anything that need to be done.
    Work with the Admins on behind the scenes things that come up, when 
there is any issues in chat, I handle them with the help of the other chat 
hosts and the Admins. Work to improve IP chat rooms.
    The chat hosts, take turns hosting anytime and guest chats. As it is 
true, we all have outside lives away from IP .... REALLY WE DO   :-) If you 
would like to become a IP Chat Host please  write to 
email @ redacted or talk to any of the hosts.

                       Rodney, Chatmaster for Insulin Pumpers

From: "Sam" <email @ redacted>
> At 05:13 PM 12/15/2004, you wrote:
> >In a message dated 12/15/2004 4:51:54 PM Central Standard Time,
> >email @ redacted writes:
> >
> >> What is Insulin Pumpers? hmmm... the stock answer is from the site
> >
> >Rodney, it would help all of us newbies I am sure to know a little about
> what
> >is entailed in maintaining this website.  Are there any paid employees? 
> >How
> >many volunteers?  Where does our donation go?  How much time and training
> does
> >it take to become a volunteer?  What we can do as members other than the
> > obvious - give money - do to help this great resource that ya'll make
> >available
> >to
> >us?  Thanks Debbie
> Insulin Pumpers has been around since sometime in 1997. When I joined in 
> April 1998 we had less than 250 members!! We've obviously grown 
> exponentially since then. We have no regular paid staff... although 
> Michael (the person who runs this list) does receive a small amount to 
> compensate him for all of his time, but I'd wager he works for less than 
> minimum wage. All the rest of us are volunteers. Insulin Pumpers is a 
> registered non-profit organization. Virtually all the donations we receive 
> go directly into operating expenses, such as computers, servers, Internet 
> access, maintaining a small office and keeping the electricity and phones 
> working.
> Two of the primary groups of members who volunteer are the Chat Hosts and 
> Admins. I'll let Rodney talk about the duties of the Chat Hosts, but I can 
> speak about what the Admins do.
> Right now we have 13 volunteer admins on our list. We have two primary 
> duty posts... working on the HELP "desk" and helping new members 
> subscribe. The Help admin answers questions (like why can't I log into 
> Chat), unsubscribes members and changes subscriptions as requested. The 
> Subscription Admin looks at all the new profiles, formats them properly 
> and adds them to the list. We have other jobs for the more experienced 
> admins, such as analyzing bounced mail and making changes, behind the 
> scenes, in the database. All of us are are collectively also responsible 
> for dealing with problems and handling sometimes difficult situations. 
> However, the admins do discuss problems among themselves to come to a 
> consensus before acting.
> All of the admins give up their own time, between work, family and life in 
> general, to help out. Each duty is for a week at a time and can sometimes 
> take an hour or two (or more) each day during that time. The duties rotate 
> and most admins can count on duty time about every 6-7 weeks. No advanced 
> computer expertise is required beyond knowing your email program very 
> well, being willing to follow instructions, a fair amount of tactfulness, 
> and having a lot of common sense.
> If you'd like to volunteer your time, please write to the HELP address 
> below. We'll get back to you, as openings come up.
> Sam Skopp
> A Senior Volunteer Insulin Pumpers administrator
> .
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