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Re: [IP] strange experience with MM

In a message dated 12/15/04 7:46:29 PM, email @ redacted writes:
> Sounds about right to me! (not necessarily good, but it was the way I was
> treated). Let me guess, you live in No Man's land! 1,000's of miles from
> form of civilization and they have to walk for days through the burning
> sand,
> barefoot (with no food or water) just to get to you, right?
> ;<)  Tina
> Michele Lauth <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I am trying to get my first pump with MM and so far my
> experience with them has been really strange.
> First, the rep was suppose to met me at my house on
> Monday and she forgot.

I apparently do live in no-man's land, two hours away from Seattle, but
MiniMed is the ONLY company that responds to our area.   Not just to me, but
the nutritionist/CDE at our local hospital that is becoming a certified pump
trainer with MM - again, because they are the only ones that responded to her
inquiries.  I have made an appointment in Seattle for the week after
in which my husband will have to take an unpaid day off work to drive me, just
to meet with the CDE at the "big city" hospital so I can view and discuss all
the pumps.   But unless something just screams out at me, my mind pretty much
says I should stay with the company that services our hometown area.

At one time, I was having problems getting return calls from MM - it was
about a month in time - and I later found out that my CSR had transferred to
another position and her voice mail messages were going no where.   Once
realized it, they contacted me right away.   I have my new CSR's phone # &
e-mail address and my area rep's cell phone, MM phone & e-mail address.   Now
if I
can't get a hold of one, I can try the other, or both at the same time to be
sure I hear back.   Might sound like a hassle, but I can't get the two other
pump companies I was looking at to think my geographic area is worth servicing
at all!

Apparently customer service at all the pump companies is a YMMV thing like
everything else to do with pumping - and life in general.

~ Michelle ~
Sequim, WA
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