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Re: [IP] I'm Positive!!!

At 6:44 AM -0600 12/16/04, margo hupe wrote:
>Deluge that company with positive-sounding emails. My personal guess 
>though, is it won't work.....

With over 3200 of our members who use MM products writing to them, 
telling them of all the free advertising they get to tell new members 
that come here to learn about pumping about the Paradigm system, 
logically it should work.  After all, who knows how many sales they 
get from the members telling about how wonderful their system and 
support is.  If Animas, Deltec and heck, even Disetronic who doesn't 
sell any pump right now, feel that it is worthwhile to support our 
forum, why not Medtronic?

I think it is time for all MM members here to step forward and speak 
out.  We cannot leave the cost of our forum just to three of the pump 
companies.  It is time for #1 to step forward and pick up their 
share!  But remember, send a little honey along with that note you 
send to MM for their support!


>>On Dec 15, 2004, at 9:31 PM, George wrote:
>>I really am Positive that there is at least One Pump Company 
>>missing from the List of Contributors.  I know that Animas was 
>>missing for a couple of weeks while they were waiting on some 
>>documentation from Michael, and they are there now.   But I'm also 
>>Positive that one Company has been missing for over two months.  Is 
>>anyone else Positive about this??   What can we Positively do to 
>>Correct this??????
>>George    :>)
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