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[IP] I got a Cozmonitor for Christmas!!! YIPPEEEE

Yes, it is true.  After 10 months of waiting, some patiently and
lately very impatiently, Deltec finally came through and an upgraded
pump and Cozmonitor and software arrived today via UPS. Just in time
for Christmas.  It seems the catalyst to finally make it happen was
some emails I sent some of you on this list whining about my problems
in trying to get the upgrade for the Cozmonitor. Some of these
apparently  got forwarded to the right people at Deltec at the right
time.   None of my phone calls, letters, emails, even to the same
people earlier,  seemed to yield any results.  I am very grateful and
thankful to those of you who sent encouragement, supportive comments
and especially names and addresses of people to contact.  I didn't
save all my email responses but count about two dozen at least.  I was
going to give up at the end of the year and start shopping for a
different brand and would have already quit trying to get the upgrade
if it wasn't for the support and encouragement I received from several
of you.  Thanks for listening to my whining.

I know of least two others on here still waiting for the upgrade too
and to you I say keep trying and let others here know about your
problems since that was the only thing that seemed to work for me.

I have had a chance to try out the Cozmonitor a few times now and have
this observation and question.  How closely does it correlate with
your other meters, especially the other Free Style ones?

On my first comparison check I got 60 on the Cozmonitor, 52 on the
Free Style Module on my Handspring PDA and 50 on my old regular Free
Style meter.  The last two have always correlated very closely.  The
next comparison reading after I ate was 89 on the Cozmonitor and 109
on the Free Style.  The next check was 289 on the Cozmonitor and 250
on the Free Style.  The next check was the only one that seemed to be
close enough with the Cozmonitor being 248 and the Visor Module being
244.  On all the tests I used blood from the same drop at the same
time.  That is what I love about the Free Styles in that they only
need a very small amount so one drop of blood can do several tests at
one time.  I plan to keep doing the comparisons for awhile to see how
reliable the readings on the Cozmonitor seem.  

I like the alarm feature telling you to retest after a low reading and
to test for ketones on a high reading.  I usually have them when over
250 but didn't have any this time so figure the third reading on the
Cozmonitor of 289 was off and too high.  On the first two comparisons
the Cozmonitor was about 20% off, one high and one low, the next 10%
too high, and last one right on.

Tomorrow I will try comparing it with the Flash unit.

I would like to hear from others who have compared the Cozmonitor with
other meters, especially other Free Style ones. drz
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