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[IP] exercise habit

Dr. Corcoran's 2 pennies worth's comment:

RB> How do people like me that don't LIKE to exercise get into the
RB> habit of exercising?

I'm not Dr. Corcoran, but here are my 2 cents:

#1 tip: Find sports or activities you enjoy doing.

Are you competitive? If yes, then think about sports that allow you
the chance to compete. E.g. many running stores have programs to help
new runners get in shape and prepare for a race like a 5k. These
usually involved group runs with people who are at the same stage as

Sharon's response:
I think just making healthy habits of walking the furthest away from the
building you can walk is a good start. On a good week you can make extra steps
too, for example: I file paper from the printer every time I do a case note
rather than wait to file them away all at once at my office. Go take the long
way to walk to talk to somebody rather than e-mail them. Do isometrics at your
desk: flex and release stomach, leg and arm muscles. choose juice and milk
over sugar free or regular soft drinks. Stretch your neck and shoulders to
release tense shoulders and neck while working on the computer. Exercise is
good, for me it does help me feel better overall and help reduce feelings of
frustration. My best thinking moments, when frustrated and at a loss for words
is during a walk. It releases endorphins or common brain farts or losses of
memory or words. Exercising is the healthy choice that doesn't hurt anything
or anybody but stress itself. Disclaimer- Stress, however is a good motivator,
in moderation, of course. Sharon B and my friend, Buckwheat
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