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[IP] long term damage from a finger poke?!

Thanks for all your input, it's nice to know (in a "please share in my misery"
sort of way) that this has happened to other folks, too.

I have actually tried using the lancet without the poker device in the past,
but I always ended up jabbing myself deeper and harder that way.  My finger is
slowly getting better.  Now that the weather is colder I don't seem to bleed
so easy, and it's so annoying to have to poke yourself more than once because
you can't squeeze out enough blood to fill your strip.

Or how's this one?  You can't get quite enough blood on the strip, it gives
you an error message, you throw out the strip, poke again, work on squeezing
that finger for awhile because it's being stubborn, too.  Then, by the time
you finally get your drop of blood you notice that the first finger has
started bleeding profusely and you've made a mess on your sleeve!

Aw, the joys of the pancreatically challenged.  Merry Christmas everyone!

Yessi Palmer
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