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RE: [IP] advice for a 10 yr old t1

I have 9.5 year old twin daughters. One has had Diabetes since she was 5 
years old.  The best web sites for the parents are as follows:



These web sites have age appropriate books to help.  I can give some 
personal favorites, but they also can look at Amazon.com and look for 
subject for type 1 diabetes for kids.

Also, I'm sure there is a JDRF chapter in their area with lists of diabetes 
camps.  If not, tell them to do a quick search for diabetes camps and they 
will pull up options for their daughter.

The advice that I wish to the heavens someone had told me was that this 
disease is consistently inconsistent.  That they are not doing anything 
wrong and not to beat themselves up over "bad" numbers.  The numbers are 
just numbers, that is all.  Just take one day at a time. You are in for a 
long ride.  Also, don't tell their daughter to "test".  Tell her to "check" 
her numbers.

Also, it's okay to have "bad" diabetes days. They will happen.

With warmest thoughts,

Denise Owens
Single parent to twins Haley & Savannah

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>Subject: [IP] advice for a 10 yr old t1
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>A friend of my husband just found out her 10 year old daughter has type 1 
>dm.  He asked me to call her this weekend and speak to her, give some 
>advice, answer questions, and maybe talk to her daughter.  Any good books 
>on a 10 year old level that you could suggest?  What about website/email 
>support groups?  She is not on a pump yet, obviously...is it too early to 
>suggest one?  Do you know of a summer camp in the Western NC area for 
>diabetic kids?  Also, for the parents out there... what advice do you wish 
>someone would have told you in the beginning?  Thanks
>Julie .
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