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Re: [IP] advice for a 10 yr old t1

My cousins daughter was diagnosed this year - she had known for about a month
when I saw them for a week this summer.

My cousin was most interested in just having someone to talk to who could talk
intelleigently about the subject. They were also very encouraged to interact
with someone who has been T1 for 17 years and still going strong.  That early
in the diagnosis its the little things that matter - they are overwhelmed.

I waited for her daughter to approach me rather than me approach her - There
were lots of people around and I wanted it to be her choice.  I had already
spoken to her mom a few times and eventually the 10 year old started asking
questions and soon I was giving her the chance to help me manage my diabetes
... Which she seemed to enjoy...  I had a low while we were sitting on the
couch talking - I tested and asked her what to do ... we did it and tested
again in 15 minutes - she learned that what works to treat her lows isnt enough
to treat mine..

Best of luck


Quoting Julie Murphy <email @ redacted>:

> A friend of my husband just found out her 10 year old daughter has type 1
> dm.  He asked me to call her this weekend and speak to her, give some
> advice, answer questions, and maybe talk to her daughter.  Any good books on
> a 10 year old level that you could suggest?  What about website/email
> support groups?  She is not on a pump yet, obviously...is it too early to
> suggest one?  Do you know of a summer camp in the Western NC area for
> diabetic kids?  Also, for the parents out there... what advice do you wish
> someone would have told you in the beginning?  Thanks
> Julie
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