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[IP] What is Insulin Pumpers?

Pumpers and Friends,
    What is Insulin Pumpers? hmmm... the stock answer is from the site.....
Insulin Pumpers began operating this web site and support forum in September 
of 1997. The list membership at that time was 12 and has since grown to 4673 
individuals and families. Once upon a time, all administration and 
maintenance was done by a single person, now it handled by a team of 44 
volunteer writers, web developers, mail administrators, chat organizers, and 
medical advisory board members in several languages in numerous countries 
around the world. Insulin Pumpers continues to grow rapidly, with total 
membership increasing by 50 to 100 net new members each month. This has 
meant new resource requirements and expenses. At the present time, Insulin 
Pumpers needs money to help pay rent, utilities, internet access charges and 
other expenses that help support this site. Your contribution will help with 
these expenses and help us to continue to bring the best possible support to 
you and the other children and adults who must deal with diabetes on a day 
to day basis every day of their lives.
    Since I have been around since day one maybe I can offer a more personal 
view of what it mean to me and maybe you... it is a group of people from 
around the world. Giving of themselves to help support this little man-made 
thing called a insulin pump that keeps them alive another day until there is 
a "CURE" by supporting a website. This website grew out of a need for 
information and support of each other. Yes, there is other sites.. i.e.: 
pump makers... diabetes groups..  but what set this site apart was it try's 
to give a view of information in the "Real World of Insulin Pumping" ... 
what works and what does not... IP does not try to sell the reader something 
but the fact that if you need to take insulin that maybe using a insulin 
pump is one of the best ways.
    The true is not everyone is ready or need a insulin pump. And that no 
one type of insulin pump is right for everyone, you as a the user must 
understand what it can and can not do for you. In the 24 years I have used a 
insulin pump, I have tried and wore 21 models of pumps. They all worked and 
did what I needed them to do... DELIVER INSULIN... all the new things pumps 
can do today is just stuff that make it easy to manage things. If you learn 
the skills to be a MASTER PUMPER you know all of it is just that STUFF. 
There is nothing that any new pump does that I could not do back 24 years 
ago. Yes, it would mean that I would need to WORK at my control and carry 
things to do what the new pumps do but so be it. So when you look at getting 
a new pump, take the time to learn about the STUFF on each model and maker. 
You pick the one that is right for you.
    You ask yourself now do I become a Master Pumper or know that STUFF I 
need. First ask for info from your Medical Team... Pump Makers... users of 
pumps. And to find users look to Insulin Pumpers... to learn skills or how 
too... check out IP. There is so much info on the websites... have you look 
at the UK or Canada or Main sites?
    Why have I written this post? One just to share how much I think of IP 
as a source of info about pumping insulin. Second because I was reading... 
well trying to anyway some chat logs today, I knew there was a problem. The 
main server is down and IP is running on it backup. When I talked with 
Michael, I learned that it needs to be replaced. So if you can spare a few 
coins this holiday season, or need another tax write-off can you make a 
donation  http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/donate.shtml  to help pay for a new 
server and cover the cost in time to do the upgrade?
    I'm sorry if you get more than one copy of this post but I sending it to 
all my IP contacts.


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