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[IP] Any Link between Cholesterol and Birth Control Pills?

Hi, I'm Sarah Dowdell and I'm new to the group.  I'm 26 and have had Type 1 
for 13 years, pumping for almost 5 (MM508 for 4.5yrs and MM512 since) and 
NEVER going back to shots.

I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a link between birth control 
pills and a raise in cholesterol levels?  I am planning on going off of the 
bc pills and I wanted to know if my cholesterol might go down so I can also 
think about going off of Lipitor (not terribly comfortable taking a statin 
since I really don't like taking medication if it's not absolutely 
necessary--a big part of the reason I want to go off of the bc too).  I'm 
trying to get as much info as possible before my next endo appt.

That leads to my second question about the recommendations for cholesterol 
levels in diabetics.  I know that treatment with a statin is recommended 
when the total is >250 for low risk or >200 for moderate-high risk, LDL >130 
in low risk or >100 in moderate-high risk and the ultimate goal for HDL is 
 >60.  My total cholesterol is high:  was 243 before Lipitor and is 201 now. 
  LDL was 123 and is now 73.  HDL was 90 and is now 110.  M LDL levels are 
slightly elevated but still under 130 without treatment.  My HDL levels are 
WAY above recommended and I've read that they are somewhat protective.

Does anyone know if there have been studies done on the protective nature of 
HDL cholesterol and what the results of the studies were?  I recently read 
that the ratio between LDL and HDL is more important than the individual 
numbers, in which case I don't feel it's necessary to take a statin 
(especially considering there is absolutely no heart disease in my family at 

Thanks for your input!

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