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Re: [IP] Soon, Cellphones Will Monitor Vital Signs of the Chronically Ill

At 11:20 AM -0500 12/15/04, Scott Strumello wrote:
>Soon, Cellphones Will Monitor Vital Signs of the Chronically Ill

Soon????    It happened over a year ago.




The GlucoMON is a very small rechargeable wireless device connected to the
paging/cellular networks throughout North America.  It is packaged within a
custom diabetes glucose meter case and provides the cradle/docking station
for the OneTouch. Ultra. glucose meter manufactured by LifeScan, a Johnson &
Johnson company.  As the glucose meter is placed back in the case after a
typical glucose test, there is no change in behavior required, the GlucoMON
AUTOMATICALLY wakes up, reads the new readings on the glucose meter, and
sends this new information to Diabetech.  These glucose meters were
originally designed with a plug-in connection to allow people to upload
their meter data into their PC so that a person with diabetes or their care
team could review the data with simple charts and graphs.  The GlucoMON
docking station simply "pretends" to be that Personal Computer but instead
uses it's computer/radio system to securely transmit the glucose meter data
to the Diabetech Data Center.

Based on YOUR profiles which YOU have set up ahead of time, Diabetech now
transmits this Alert information to any number of cellular phones as a text
message, a page to a pager, an email to your account, a phone call to your
house, etc... as well as keeping an up to date and accurate log of your
meter data plus additional data you may want to add to your online record.
This process happens transparently, all by itself and usually completes the
collection and notification process within a few minutes; oftentimes in
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