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[IP] Re: Exercise habit

 One tip is to start small. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking they
have to do this big, long strenuous workout even if they haven't exercised
before. Then it's really hard and they get discouraged. They also can overdo it
and injure themselves. If you're really out of shape, start by just walking
around the block (or some other small increment) every day or several days a
week. After that gets doable, do two blocks and build up from there. Also, so
that you don't fell overwhelmed by the idea that you have to go out and spend a
big chunk of time even if you're in shape for it, but just busy, tired, not in
the mood, etc., tell yourself that you only have to do 15 minutes of whatever it
is and then you can stop for the day. That makes it seem more doable, yet will
still reap rewards. Chances are once you start you may want to even continue for
more than 15 minutes, but if you don't, that's fine. At least it's something.
Another idea is to make an appointment with a tr!
 ainer or
  a friend to exercise together. You're much more likely to do it when you know
someone else is waiting for you, plus it's more fun. And, of course, doing an
activity you enjoy is much more motivating and you're much more likely to stick
with it longterm than forcing yourself to do something that you find to be pure
drudgery. There are many online exercise sites that provide tips, motivation,
support too. Pam

<How do people like me that don't 
LIKE to 
exercise get into the habit of exercising?>
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