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Re: [IP] Fwd: Fw: Suicide on the instalment plan.(Diet coke)

The photo of a crumpled can of Diet Coke told the story in the Atlanta 
Constitution, 30-1-2000

Aspartame Hoaxes have been around along time.  The date in the article above 
is January 30, 2000. That is almost 5 years ago and coke is still going 
strong. I got the article below from :


I did not copy the letter that it refers to if you want to see it you can go 
to the website.

Aspartame Hoax

March 2001

If you search the web for "aspartame" (also called NutraSweet) you will find 
dozens of websites devoted to the perceived horrors of this sugar substitute 
(Actually, you have to search for the misspelling, "asparatame" to find most 
of them). All of this seems to go back to a study done in 1996 where the 
increase in brain tumors was found to correlate with the increase in 
aspartame use. That study did not show any causal link, only that both brain 
tumors and aspartame use seemed to both be increasing at the same time. That 
correlation has since been broken as brain tumor rates have leveled off and 
aspartame use has continued to increase.

Around December of 1999, a letter started making the rounds of the Internet 
that claims that almost every ailment known to man is caused by aspartame. 
It was supposedly written by a Betty Martini who was supposedly lecturing at 
the World Environmental Conference. A second version of the letter is 
identical to the first but the author has been changed to a Nancy Markle. In 
this letter, aspartame is blamed for hundreds of aliment including multiple 
sclerosis. The title of the article claims that the Multiple Sclerosis 
Foundation and others are suing the makers of aspartame. However, the 
Multiple Sclerosis Foundation has disavowed any knowledge of a problem with 
aspartame and any relationship with the author. The letter also claims that 
it causes "memory loss, confusion, and severe vision loss" among diabetics 
but that has been debunked by the American Diabetes Association.

The FDA has attested to the safety of the chemical and if you check the 
scholarly studies listed at the following site http://www.aspartame.org/ you 
will not find any showing significant problems with its use. The worst that 
has been found are occasional headaches. The "research" on the Aspartame 
Horror sites is, for the most part, anecdotal. The UrbanLegends.com website 
does a really good job debunking this warning and the supposed facts it 
contains. It is also debunked at the Junk Science website. "

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