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[IP] Re: Forced lancet changes

     Well, twisted interpretations of ADA standards on the multiple uses of
lancets didn't work. And the enlarged pictures of bent flesh tearing lancet
tips fell short of producing a profitable fear factor. What could be next?
When some one reported that an insurance company was shipping one lancet for
every test strip I thought that this was the future, but that didn't spread.
    Now the Diabetes Health(DH) piece on pokers(Dec.04,P.51) may show how
the sales and marketing people will triumph: Two( out of 12) units reviewed
are multiple, self contained lancing devices. As if to help the trend, DH
leads a sidebar with the lifting announcement  that these future devices
will"... further improve the lancing experience."
     May I predict that the promotions people  will tell you that now it
will not be necessary to handle those disgusting and dangerous lancets. Oh,
the pressure.... Could something be worked into the ADA standards about the
dangers of used lancets?
    A box of 100 will easily take me to the time when I drift out to sea on
a flaming boat.         Peter 1

> Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004 09:44:27 EST
> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IP] long term damage from a finger poke?!
> In the edition of Diabetes Health that I got this week, there's a review of
> pokers - not a review of the amount of pain they cause, but a review of how
 > they work, etc. There are apparently new pokers in the pipeline that will
> lancets in a system that will release one lancet per test.... Seems as though
> the companies are finally figuring out that a box of 100 lancets will last
> most
> of us years at the rate we use them now and they've decided to do something
> about it to make us use and buy more.
> Stacey
> .
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