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Re: [IP] Fwd: Fw: Suicide on the instalment plan.(Diet coke)

Sac> This is scarey!!! My brother sent this to me. How many people
Sac> here knew about this??

Knew about what? That there are people out there with so much time on
their hands that they will take the time to write hoax emails? Or that
gullible people will buy whatever scare it is that they're selling and
forward it on?

My mom sent me every single one of these Internet hoaxes for years. I
introduced her to snopes.com and saw no change in behaviour.

Last time was the last straw. As a grad student in medical research I
have access to hundreds of thousands of journals, so I finally did a
medline search on aspartame and adverse effects, printed off the most
recent 250 articles, highlighted the relevant portions for her and
sent them to her with a friendly cease and desist request. I also
emailed the people who forwarded the emails to her. She finally

Bottom line: Independent, peer-reviewed research (i.e. not scary
websites, books that are selling themselves or hoax emails) tells us
that unless you have phenylketonuria, you might get a headache from
consuming too much aspartame. If you are prone to depression,
aspartame might raise your risk of depression. Both of these had small
effect sizes and were shown in very small sample populations. (In the
case of the headaches, it was two case studies, i.e. one doctor, two
patients.) Plus the headache claim was studied in a clinical trial and
there was no effect shown. That's it.

Cancer, MS, lupus, blindness, seizures, bad blood sugars, weight gain,
etc.? None of these have shown any association with aspartame despite
extensive study. Even if you couldn't show a causal relationship, if
there were any reason to be concerned you would at least expect an
association. (As an example, there were correlations between
cigarettes and lung cancer shown for years before it could be proven
that the relationship was causal.) I would never call aspartame a
health food, but the stuff is clearly not poison.

<rant> If you want to avoid aspartame, go for it. But please use the
reason that you're cutting down on processed foods, that you're on a
water kick or that you're giving up soda for Lent, not that you "heard
that aspartame is a health risk." All that does is spread

We've all had a run-in or several with people who think that being on
insulin means that your diabetes is 'really bad', that you shouldn't
be eating that ice cream cone because their Aunt Sally is diabetic so
they know all about it, that you shouldn't have kids because Julia
Roberts' character died after having a child against doctor's order,
etc. Having felt the effects of misinformation, I think we should have
a higher standard for ourselves against spreading misinformation.
Please think before you forward. </rant>

occasional diet coke drinker and previously frustrated daughter
T1 22 years
pumping 6 months
**My A1c is down from 8.5 to 7.1, despite a very stressful time that
made my BGs go crazy for two weeks just before the test. I am well on
my way to my goal A1c of 6.0. I love my pump!
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