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[IP] Dec 9, 04 A very sad day in US history - this will affect your drivers license

This is the first step in the process of making all  US drivers licenses 
standard. So I suspect that every state will eventually require a doctor's 
permission for someone with diabetes to obtain a drivers license.  Oh well 
- we knew it was coming...

Go to the URL mentioned to read the whole story.

Title: US adopts National ID: Homeland Security Now In charge of 
Regulations for all US States Drivers Lice
Source: Whatdoesitmean.com
 >>> URL Source: 

Published: Dec 9, 2004
Author: Jonathan Wheeler
Post Date: 2004-12-10 18:17:20 by STONE

In a chilling act more reminiscent of the now defunct Soviet Union or the 
Nazi regime of Adolph Hitler, the United States Congress passed legislation 
yesterday that requires the States to surrender their regulatory rights 
over driver?s licenses and birth certificates to The Department of Homeland 
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