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Re: [IP] pump question concerning possible doctor's commissions

Just a thought - I worked for a company in which the sales people acted
as brokers for certain products.  They were able to sell from various
other companies (I'm trying to be discreet in how I do this!).  Although
there are strict laws about what can be given to someone for pushing
their product over another (this business is highly regulated), there
are ways of getting around those laws - all which are legal - I know
because I have seen it first hand.  So it wouldn't surprise me that the
regulation that George mentioned is out there, I am sure that they pump
companies have found a way to get around it.

Linda & Dee
dxd 12/98 - pumping with Deltec Cosmo since 11/18/04 (and loving it!)

  It is a common problem with many clinics around the world, I would
that one company is , shall we say, pursuading many MDs and CDE/RNs to
their product and not even giving the patients a choice.  The
competition for 
pumping patients isnow extremely high and some companies are not use to
any competition.  So they look for what most people would consider
medical practices to sway the public to their company and products.
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