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Re: [IP] Plea for a pump

What a great christmas present it would be.....this is
how i finally got my insulin pump was from a
donation....i could not of asked for a better way to
get it....some family friends knew a person that was
on a pump and had gone into renal failure and was not
using the pump anymore and knew that i was wanting the
pump and so this nice couple donated there pump to
me...please do note that it is very important for
techincal support people to recieve a letter from
whoever is donating the pump saying that they are
donating the pump so that you are able to get the pump
fixed if something were to go wrong with it....when i
got my minimed this did not take place and somethign
went wrong with it in the middle of the night and when
i called them to ask what to do they stated that this
pump did not belong to me and that i would need a
letter before they could do anything about it....thank
goodness for a fax machine....but just a word to the
wise that a letter of donation might be needed....if
no one donates please let me know it wont be in time
for christmas but i am suppose to qualify for a new
pump the first of the year....i am more then willing
to give my old one to someone who will need it....what
a great thought 
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> Ok, I know that I already have a pump, and LOVE IT
> DEARLY!  I would  not be 
>  able to willingly give it up! I respond and post to
> IP more than once a week.
>  Sometimes I am a real witch, others times I might
> help others  also.  Maybe 
> today my brain is completely "up to date" on
> something that  has been not 
>  necessarily "bothering me" but a "concern" to me
> FOR someone else here on IP. I
> will not mention names, so this might make it easier
> for the  MUCH NEEDED 
>  recipient. There is a person on this list, that is
> a T1, this person has been
> having more than there fair share of major problems
> attaining a  pump.  I know 
> that there are "pump hoarders" 0ut there!  You know
> who  you are!  If you 
>  happen to have 2, maybe even 3 pumps in your
> possession (legally I hope) and
> can
> appreciate what your pump has done for you, then 
> maybe you could "donate" one 
> of the pumps (not certain brand or anything,  just
> working) to a much needed 
> person on this list.  You can send the pump  and any
> available info (manuals, 
> etc.) to Michael. and this pump can then be  given
> to a IPer that is in 
>  DESPERATE need of a pump! This person that
> "donates" a working pump to Michael,
> whether able to afford to give a monetary  donation
> or not, should consider 
> themselves part of the "Christmas Angel"  program. 
> Please take this "plea" to 
>  heart ONLY IF you have more than you are currently
> using of pumps! Think of how
> happy you were when you got  your first pump and got
> away from MDI, think of 
> how happy this can make a very  desperate family for
>  Thanks for listening to my plea for a fellow IPer..
> Anyone with "info" should
> contact Michael  about how to "donate a pump." 
> Thanks all. 
> ~ ShawnaLT in AZ on IP that is  PG 
> .
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