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RE: [IP] Man dies after driver suffers insulin reaction!

At 07:28 AM 12/14/2004, jimb wrote:
>Please don't say or think this, "if it happened often enough", before they
>become generous they will probably suspend our driving priviledges.
>Its unfortunate that this happened and we will probably never know why,
>Was there some "warning" or was it completely ignored, in this case
>It becomes negligence and we can separate ourselves a bit from this 

 Well, you know, it's just like other health issues. I'm thinking heart attacks.
I know of two people (my father and a friend) who both died of massive heart
attacks either just after driving somewhere or just before they were going to
drive somewhere. I also wondered if they had any warning. What if they had been
driving instead of just after or before? I guess the best rule for any of us, is
to just test before driving no matter how we feel. Most of us know ourselves
well enough to know how we will do with that particular number (whether we're at
risk going lower or not). I wish all doctors would stress testing before driving
to all their patients who are on insulin.

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