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RE: [IP] Man dies after driver suffers insulin reaction!

Please don't say or think this, "if it happened often enough", before they
become generous they will probably suspend our driving priviledges.

Its unfortunate that this happened and we will probably never know why,
Was there some "warning" or was it completely ignored, in this case
It becomes negligence and we can separate ourselves a bit from this 


Maybe, if this stuff happened often enough, diabetics would get enough 
financial support to stop it from happening and that doesn't mean a few 
gluocose sticks, that means pumps, reservoirs and sets as well as glucose 
sticks, monitors and glucose tablets.

Ironic memory of that woman at student health  of Queen's University at 
Kingston, Ontario drawing herself up and saying in the nastiest tone 
imaginable, when I said that my husband could pass out without warning and 
needed someone to test him because he was unable to test himself:  "I don't 
believe you!"

I haven't heard back from StreetHealth of Kingston, Ontario, a publicly 
funded centre that is supposed to provide health services to heroin addicts 
(our clients).

Their doctors were supposed to make a decision a couple of weeks ago about 
whether they would deign to offer services to my husband who cannot test 
himself.  Unfortunately, he's only a diabetic who cannot test his own blood 
sugar and has brittle diabetes and hypoglycemic unawareness! Now, if only he

were a heroin addict or maybe, a speed freak or injected some other illicit 

If my husband passes out at the wheel and kills someone--I can only hope he 
takes out 10--I will say, "I told you so!" and sleep very well at night.

Gee, you'd think that doctors who work with drug addicts on methadone would 
show some compassion for diabetics, but apparently not. . . !

I also don't advise diabetics to keep their blood sugars high so they won't 
pass out when they test infrequently.  They are only putting their future 
health in jeopardy.  I live with the consequences of my husband's unmanaged 
blood sugar levels every day.  His cognition issues will probably only 
become more pronounced over time.

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