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Re: [IP] Man dies - consequences to us

I don't understand how a person would be able to drive but can't test his 
own blood sugar.

Responding to: > I also don't advise diabetics to keep their blood sugars 
high so they won't  pass out when they test infrequently. They are only 
putting their future health in jeopardy.

They will not have future health if they kill themselves or others passing 
out behind the wheel.

Responding to: Maybe, if this stuff happened often enough, diabetics would 
get enough financial support....... If my husband passes out at the wheel 
and kills someone--I can only hope he takes out 10--I will say, "I told you 
so!" and sleep very well at night.

If this happens more often, diabetics will not "get" anything. We will lose 
our privilege to drive. If one of those 10 is your child or your parent or 
you friend, I think you would not sleep for some time to come.

Responding to: I live with the consequences of my husband's unmanaged 
blood sugar levels every day.

I am very sorry that you have to live with these consequences but I don't 
think it is fair for you to expect others to live with the consequences of 
his passing out at the wheel.

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