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[IP] Re: Pump Company Support for IP (was Deltec and Disetronic and Animas)

At 11:42 AM -0500 10/25/04, JHughey wrote:
>Recently we had a thread go through that it was much better to talk nice
>about a company (meters) when expecting them to donate, than to criticize
>them. Wouldn't this also hold true for a pump company??? MMM used to support
>this group, and we presently have 19 (14) members here who have either a
>MiniMed.com or Medtronic.com address. Do we not think they see all the
>bashing going on? You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. ;-) A
>few IPers always counteract any praise of MMM pumps with a subtle,
>underlying: you stupid person who still likes those pumps!! I am using my
>4th MM pump and still insist on wanting and loving the clicks and slow
>delivery!! I don't care for the looks and sizes of the other companies'
>products and remain a loyal MM user. Shame on me, but this is still America
>and I can choose. ;-) Maybe a little kindness will help to reopen their

I really do hope that Minimed, the number one seller of insulin pumps 
in the US, will be able to afford the same kind of contributions that 
Disetronic, who hasn't sold a new pump in over a year, can make!    I 
know that Minimed serves the majority of the membership here and only 
hope that they will support those members by contributing to their 
Forum.   Let's all send some praise about the work that Minimed does 
to support their customers.   Everyone loves honey, don't they?   :>)

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