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[IP] Re: Pump question concerning possible doctor's commissions

 Actually this is still common in some places. A good friend of mine whose
husband is a psychiatrist goes out to dinner with her husband and the "drug
reps" about once every two months to the toniest restaurants in San Francisco,
courtesy of the drug reps. They've also stayed for free at fancy hotels in the
city for the weekend thanks to the drug companies and even received a cash
stipend of $1000 once in addition to the weekend trip. There were strings
attached - the husband had to spend half of Saturday attending a seminar at the
hotel, but that was all. All this is in addition to the industry "educational"
dinners they attend along with other doctors and their spouses. Her husband's
partner and his wife just got back from an all expense weekend trip to a beach
hotel in Santa Monica thanks to another drug company. These companies are all
pushing psychiatric drugs, but I'm sure it's the same with other kinds of
doctors and drugs. I'm not saying that the doctors necessarily o!
  prescribe the drugs from these companies and aren't objective and unbiased,
but still you have to wonder about the subconscious influence of these perks.
Then there's the matter of the highly inflated cost of prescription medications,
which is partly due to these kinds of "marketing" costs. Pam

<Years ago it was 
practice for pharmaceutical companies to give trips, presents, etc., to 
the NP 
and MD who prescribed their medicine.  That has changed.  We are no 
 allowed to even bring our spouses to a pharmaceutical company 
sponsored dinner
and all dinners have to contain an educational program that cannot just 
be a 
detail about the medicine. >
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