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Re: [IP] pump question concerning possible doctor's commissions

In a message dated 12/13/2004 7:22:04 PM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> While doing a residency in the early '90s, our department was frequently 
> visited by the pharmaceutical detail reps. One particular company would take
> our
> department on a chartered fishing trip each year. 

I have been a Nurse Practitioner for a long time.  Years ago it was common 
practice for pharmaceutical companies to give trips, presents, etc., to the NP 
and MD who prescribed their medicine.  That has changed.  We are no longer 
 allowed to even bring our spouses to a pharmaceutical company sponsored dinner
and all dinners have to contain an educational program that cannot just be a 
detail about the medicine.  I for one take affront that most of us would 
 prescribe based upon gratuities and not what is in the best interest of our
I am placing a patient on a pump this week and we set up trials for her to 
use the 2 pumps she requested to try after we gave her literature about all 
pumps.  I know their are bad apples among health care providers just like any 
 profession but please do not lump us all in the same group. Most of us try to
what is best for the patient, independent of pharmaceutical or medial product 
influences.  Debbie Shivers , Aunt to Blake age 5 pumping with Paradigm 712, 
soon to be 715 
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