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[IP] Plea for a pump

Ok, I know that I already have a pump, and LOVE IT DEARLY!  I would  not be 
 able to willingly give it up! I respond and post to IP more than once a week.
 Sometimes I am a real witch, others times I might help others  also.  Maybe 
today my brain is completely "up to date" on something that  has been not 
 necessarily "bothering me" but a "concern" to me FOR someone else here on IP. I
will not mention names, so this might make it easier for the  MUCH NEEDED 
 recipient. There is a person on this list, that is a T1, this person has been
having more than there fair share of major problems attaining a  pump.  I know 
that there are "pump hoarders" 0ut there!  You know who  you are!  If you 
 happen to have 2, maybe even 3 pumps in your possession (legally I hope) and
appreciate what your pump has done for you, then  maybe you could "donate" one 
of the pumps (not certain brand or anything,  just working) to a much needed 
person on this list.  You can send the pump  and any available info (manuals, 
etc.) to Michael. and this pump can then be  given to a IPer that is in 
 DESPERATE need of a pump! This person that "donates" a working pump to Michael,
whether able to afford to give a monetary  donation or not, should consider 
themselves part of the "Christmas Angel"  program.  Please take this "plea" to 
 heart ONLY IF you have more than you are currently using of pumps! Think of how
happy you were when you got  your first pump and got away from MDI, think of 
how happy this can make a very  desperate family for a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!  
 Thanks for listening to my plea for a fellow IPer.. Anyone with "info" should
contact Michael  about how to "donate a pump."  Thanks all. 
~ ShawnaLT in AZ on IP that is  PG 
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