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[IP] Chemo and insulin pumping

I have a question for everyone.  I did a search on the
net and the website, but I haven't found a whole lot. 
I figure if anyone can help, you guys might be it.

In August 2004, my dad was diagnosised with bile duct
cancer.  In early September (the 8th to be exact), he
suddenly required insulin (he had been type 2 for
several years, but after losing weight, this was well
controlled and he could eat whatever he liked with no
effect. He had never been on any meds).  After his
surgery (a Whipple procedure, among other things part
of the pancreas was removed) his need for insulin has
increased (although it has more or less leveled out). 
Initially, he wanted a pump immediately.  But he has
got (or was given, I'm not sure which) cold feet.  To
me, he is an ideal pump patient.  He takes about 22
units of Lantus daily, and then Humalog to cover food
(down to insane degree, he once called me and asked
how much he should inject because he ate 4 grapes). 
His endocronolist (who he sees because she is the
daughter of his PCP, whom he has had for the last 30
years) had his C-peptide tested, and it came back that
he pancreas is produce a little insulin (keep in mind
his surgen and oncologist have told him that he has
essentially no chance of becoming independent of
insulin) so she wants to see if oral medications would
be enough to get him off insulin.  I don't get it, his
insulin needs have continued to increase (granted
slightly, just essentially keeping up with his weight
gain at this point).  The other thing that is
bothering me is that she told him that he could NOT
pump if he decided to do chemo and/or radation therapy
until well after they are over.  Is that true?  I
asked him how many patients she has on a pump, and he
replied, not many if any.  He asked me if I knew
anyone who pumped while on chemo/rad.  I couldn't say
yes, but if any of you have (or know of someone who
has) I would love to hear about it (or any other
thoughts you have).  Indentally, my dad says the worst
thing about this whole situation is that he has to
take insulin.  Somehow, I just can't see that (now
when he first needed insulin he had a 2% chance of
being alive in 2 years, this is now better at 50% but

Maureen dx 10/94 pump 4/99 celiac 11/02

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