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Re: [IP] Low blood sugars and migraines

/From/: "Sara Hurt" <email @ redacted <mailto:email @ redacted>>

Sometimes when I get one of those fast crashing insulin reactions, I get
TERRIBLE migraines, that wrap around my head.  I'm prone to migraines
anyway, but these are unbearable and are really difficult to get rid of. 
Not looking for solutions (although if anyone has them, that would be
great).  Just wondering if anyone else experiences this.

drz writes:

When I first started treatment for diabetes a few years back I used to 
get bad headaches that wiped me out for most of the day when ever I got 
too low.  They weren't migraine headaches but still left me feeling tired 
and sometimes nauseated just like a migraine.  After I had lots of them I
seemed to lose some of sensitivity.  I would still feel a little wrung out
but it wouldn't last as long.  My endo told me if my BG control was
too tight I could lose my ability to sense when I was too low.  Back then
my A1's often were a point or two lower than these days and I can still 
sense my lows most of the time.  A headache or sweating is usually my first 
sign along with feeling weak.  What other feelings do you have Sara?
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