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[IP] Re: my pump company choice

 My advice to those who want a new pump. Look at it, hold it, and/or wear it. My
pump choice has always been made instantly, at first sight.
 When I got my first pump, about 10 years ago, the choice was minimed or
disetronic. I picked disetronic. I was swimming everyday and it was the
waterproof pump (even though they dropped that claim later--it did stay
waterproof the entire 9 years I wore it).

 With my new pump, I looked at Cozmo and Animas. They are both good pumps, but I
chose the Animas1200 for the following reasons:
 1. The Screen--it's big with big print. The Cozmo print was too small for me.
As soon as I looked at the Cozmo pump screen, I knew I didn't want it.
2.  The cartridge holds 200 units.  My TDD is 20-25 units. 
3.  Waterproof.  I still swim, but not everyday.
 4. Small size. I would not have gotten the IR1000, but like the 1200 very much.

 Most people love the pump they have. No advice will decide for you like looking
at a pump yourself--in person--up close.
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