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[IP] RE: Which HMO is the Best for 55+

Having recently gone through the Endo terrors it has been suggested that I
leave my insurance.  Now that is a joke we just got notice yesterday that
our insurance is leaving us.  They will no longer provide prescriptions of
any kind neither Insulins, Statins or other Diabetic or and in fact any kind
of drug.
They also have dropped all hospital coverage other than outpatient surgical
procedures.  The co pays have gone from 0$ two years ago,
$25 and $45 last year and this year it will be $45 and $65 for GP and then
the specialist such as eye docs and endos.
Two years ago our scripts cost $0, last year each one was $40 for non
generic and $15 for generic. This year '05 no charge-no scripts.  No more
There is now a $350 ER charge and and a$150 Urgent Care co pay.  It will be
an Optometrist only service no more dental.
Goes on and on. This is through a Retiree Medicare Advantage plan written by
the trade union.  If we don't take this one we have to go with an "off the
street" HMO such as Secure Horizons, Aetna,
or whatever else there is out there.
Does anyone know which one provides Insulin for use in the pump and supplies
plus other basic drugs?  Anyone of these groups like pump users?
Thanks, it seems the best thing to do is open the pump and let the Inulin run
in at will then all the problems will be solved.
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