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RE: [IP] Insurance troubles

Your husbands job casued the move, he has no insurance that you can take
advantage of????????????

At this point you need to become part of a group. Example;;;;;  most self
employed folks (like me) belong to a Chamber of Commerce, they usually have
Group plans that you can join, most times prevailing illnesses are not an

I know for a fact that if I were not a member I could not get medical
insurance on my own. 

Unfortunatley, having diabetes even tho you and we are currently healthy
In the eyes of them (whoever they are) we are a risk to them.

It stinks I know, I have been turned down for life insurance and the premium
for disability is 3 times what I pay to insure 2 vehicles for 1 year...

But we'll plug on....

Hope this helps somewhat, if not ask more questions.


Hi there, 

I seem to have a serious problem with my insurance. I
currently have Anthem BC/BS of NV. Well, I have been
living in CA for the past year because of my husbands
job. Anthem of NV is canceling my policy as of
12/31/04. I am trying to get a "conversion plan" with
Blue Shield of CA, which will be more expensive if I
can even do it. I have tried to call other insurance
plans and they told me that insulin dependant
diabetics are automatically denied! The people who
need it the most, can't get it. That makes no sense to

Does anybody now of an insurance plan I can call that
won't decline me. I try to tell these people that I
was only diagnosed 2 years ago after the birth of my
son and I am perfectly healthy, except having
diabetes. This whole situation makes me very sad. I am
open for any suggestions. Thank you. 

Michele L. (southern CA, dx'd 01/03 type 1) 

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