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Re: [IP] Well, who knows if I'll get a pump....

In a message dated 12/2/04 4:52:52 PM Eastern Standard Time, email @ redacted 
>You need to get to a neurologist, and document your neuropathy, with
>conduction studies. (They're a bit annoying, but not that bad).

Is this the same kind of doc who deals with headaches??  I had been to an ear 
nose and throat doc thinking my headaches were sinus related, but he thinks 
 they're migraines as a CT scan of my sinuses showed them to be clear. I wonder
if they're all caused by my problems with insulin doses and uses as they 
started in August - combined with recovering from nighttime lows -- they are 
definitely worse on the mornings my BGis above 200.

Maybe I could kill two birds with one stone? LOL  

I went many years without insurance, blissfully unaware of any medical issues 
other than bronchitis that was treated at the local walk-in clinic.  Now in a 
year I'm making up for it.

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