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Re: [IP] Well, who knows if I'll get a pump....

In a message dated 12/2/04 4:26:50 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:
>I am sorry if I should know this -- are you a type 1 or type 2?  Do you
>know how to carb count and adjust your insulin accordingly?  If so, I
>would think you would have a case for the pump.  Also, what is the
>purpose of c-peptide?

I'm a type 2 as far as I know - I present as a classic type 2 - fat with 
 family history -- though the c-peptide will confirm -- it measures the amount
insulin a body is producing.  type 1s often have 0 and type 2s often have a 
high number.

I was diagnosed last November, started insulin in June.

I have been doing my own carb to insulin ratios since starting insulin -- 
 using the book "Using Insulin" and my ratio changed from 1 unit of insulin to 8
grams of carbs in August to 1 unit for 3 grams now.  Plus, originally, 1 unit 
lowered my BG 25 pts and now 1 unit lowers it 10.  This change -- from August 
to now -- is despite my increasing my lantus dose to more than double, almost 
triple what it was in early August.

What may be happening is that my pancreas beta cells are pooping out.

My a1c in early november was a 6.6, not bad, but reflects a .8 increase from 
a May a1c of  5.8.  My range of BG is the 60s to 300.  I rarely go lower than 
70, though I clearly have been having lows at night that I don't catch as I 
wake up at various times sweaty, disoriented, and with a BG of over 200 after 
 going to bed with a BG of 130 or so. Then I will be on a roller coaster all day
bouncing between 100 and 300 as I correct then zoom again.

I also go low during exercise unless I start with a BG of close to 200, and 
when I go low, it's not so terribly low, but it's enough to mean that my BG 
will then shoot up in correction to 200 over the course of the hour after 
 exercise. I think some of my nighttime lows are related to my exercise lows as

Some days I'll go low at lunchtime if I don't eat -- if I'm particularly 
active that day.

However, the CDE wasn't really interested in listening to any of this.  I 
think the reason I'm so disappointed in the visit with her is just that -- the 
 not listening to my concerns. Maybe the next visit will be different, and I'll
get the chance to talk about why I think a pump would be medically necessary.

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