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[IP] Re: Being fired by a dr

I have not been fired by a doctor - yet.  However I have gone thru 3 Endos
and am now on my 4th Endo.  The first 3 Endos were men (no offense guys).
The first Endo picked at me if my BG's were not abosolutely perfect!!  As a
result, I still have BG anxiety in my constant quest for perfection.  Thanks
to ya'll I've calmed down a bit. :)  All the 2nd Endo wanted to do was run
tests on me.  The 3rd Endo was a nice guy who wanted to put me on the pump
originally but when I was ready for it, instead wanted me to go on Lantus!!
By this time, I was very brittle due to having to take steroids for my
autoimmune disease (PAS with Type 1 Diabetes).  I found my 4th Endo thru the
insurance and I love her Diabetes Educator.  She got me hooked up and
pumping within 2 months.  They've really tried to work with me however, I
ran into a stumbling block this year with this female Endo as she doesn't
understand why I'm not responding as well to pump as I did in the beginning
(sounds like the 1st Endo, right?).  I've come to the conclusion that with
my hormones in riot (the autoimmune disease) that I will have to work at my
health more than others.  Somehow I have to make her understand that I'm not
the "norm".  I really would hate to have to switch to another Endo, but she
is on notice at this point.  Everyone has my sympathy in regards to drs.  :)
Robin in TExas :)
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