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[IP] you guys rock

thanks to everyone who sent me suggestions of doctors and invitations to move 
in with  you (heh heh...yeah i  know you didn't mean it literally).  I think 
i will just pack up my lap top and get rid of my apartment, and come spend a 
week with each of you...check out your so-called awesome doctors, and do an 
 in-depth comparative study. Wonder if someone would fund that kind of national
survey....where ARE the good diabetic doctors

but really...thanks everyone for your support...yes, in case you were 
 wondering, I DID get the prescriptions...no WAY was I walking out of there
 them...NO I won't divulge her name, but if you really wanted you could probably
find her - there aren't that many pump docs here...NOT THAT SHE QUALIFIED AS A 

I met an osteopath at the JDRF walk (which you can still make contributions 
to by visiting my web site at  JDRF - Welcome to Sara Falconer's Fundraising 
and I will try and get in to see him before the end of the year.  I am having 
carpal tunnel and trigger thumb release surgery next week, and I actually 
like my hand doctor (the first one told me I had an attitude and I told him he 
had no bed side manner)

love you all!! 
Sara Smarty Pants
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