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[IP] skiing

Jeff wrote:
>I'm 46, type 1 for 10 years, on pump for 5 years,  
> with reasonable control.I'm about to go on a ski trip with the 
> whole family (wife + 4 teenagers) andam interested to know 
> if anyone has any tips related to the pump use or anydifferences 
> to expect for my glucose control as this is my first ski tripsince 
> diagnosed.Thanks in advance,Jeff

I skied every weekend from the year I was diagnosed (1974) until 1990 when i 
broke my leg when i was working at a ski area (that free pass...wasted....), 
and the best advise i can give you is don't go at it cold (pardon the 
 pun)..make sure you are in pretty good physical shape before hand...get on the
bike or
on the track, or stair climber NOW.  Build up those leg muscles, and figure 
out how you need to adjust your insulin for exercise if you don't already 

Downhill skiing, in and of itself, is NOT really that aerobic...you sit for 
20 minutes on a lift, then ski for 5 or 10 minutes, depending on your ability, 
the biggest workout can be trying to get yourself back upright after a 
 spectacular crash (hopefully right below the ski lift so you can get applause
complete strangers, and they can point out where your hat, goggles, poles and 
skis landed)...but then you go sit in the warming hut and drink hot chocolate, 
then stand in line for 1/2 an hour, and sit on the lift again for 20 
 minutes....GOD I miss skiing!!!...but really the altitude will get you....if
you are
coming from low lands, consider taking a day to acclimate...consider skiing a 
 half day the first day....of course if this is cross country skiing.....that IS
aerobic, intense and definitely out of my realm of experience....

Pump wise, just keep it inside your ski pants or overalls...you DO wipe out, 
you don't want to have to look for it if it rips off...don't worry about it 
freezing unless the tubing is hanging out...just keep it all stuffed down into 
your pants.  Make sure and have glucose tabs with you, and a meter that works 
well in low temp - or keep that as close to your body as possible...Might also 
consider stopping at the mid level restaurant and getting a locker to put a 
spare meter, some spare supplies, in case you DO rip it out etc, so you don't 
have to tote them with you while you ski....

have fun...i will be with you in spirit

sara smarty pants in az
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