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[IP] Re: Pam Brown's response to endo horror stories

 Actually, Violet, that's a very good question and one I've been asking myself
lately. My last two PCPs have offered to care for my diabetes and have been even
more aggressive then my endo in suggesting Ace Inhibitors for the kidney
protective effect, etc. I guess I've been hoping to get more benefit from my
endos because for the first 10 years after my diagnosis I had the world's best
endo and my PCP at that time wasn't that interested or knowledgeable about
diabetes matters. However, since moving 350 miles away four years ago, I've been
less than satisfied with the two endos I've tried. They're perfectly fine, and
not bad likes some of the ones we've been reading about on IP recently, but they
haven't really provided any better care than my extremely good, thorough new PCP
does. I guess I stuck with them hoping for something more like I got from my
original endo, and also because I felt I had better access to their CDEs and
pump info that way. However, I could still go to !
  diabetes center where the CDE is, so maybe I'll just give up on the endo now
that you mention it. Pam

<So, Pam, why have an endocrinologist then?  That's what I figure out, 
and I
just dumped his clinic and the internal med person who insisted I have 
one . .>
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