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Re: [IP] Being fired by a doctor

In a message dated 12/2/04 8:53:40 AM, email @ redacted writes:
> Responding to: The worst that can happen is that they'll fire you as a
> patient
> Has anyone else been fired by a doctor?
> As a result of my blood sugar testing in a routine physical exam done at
> LifeSigns - a Physical Examination Center, I called an internist that had
> done my physical 2 years prior. He said he could see my that afternoon but
> would have to repeat the test done by LifeSigns.

I have been fired by two doctors, one Endo and one GP.   One of my endos 
 fired me in August 1999 because I got tired of waiting for her office to order
MM507C to replace   my MM506.   Actually, my insurance coverage was ending at 
the end of June, and I had already been waiting 2 1/2 months for her to order 
it, so I did it myself.   I called MiniMed directly and followed the route 
 backwards. About a month and a half later, hypoglycemia hit without warning at
the grocery store and I was flat out on the floor in the canned vegetable 
 aisle. My husband worked at that store and had me conscious before paramedics
arrived, but they insisted I go to the ER.   We had a new fire chief and he 
really wanted to ride along and meet the ER staff at the hospital, so away we 
 went. On the way to the hospital, he called my endo, who informed him that
I ordered my pump directly through MiniMed, she would not meet us at the 
hospital.   She was not responsible to patients who program their own pumps 
 (regardless of the fact I just had to enter the settings from my old pump into
new one...)   She had no use for patients who did not do as she instructed.   
Well, fine then.   I already was searching for an Endo who didn't believe they 
were God.

A couple years later, I had a GP who had a nurse who thought she was God.   
(I guess neither of them knew that That job was already taken by another.)   
When my A1c came back at a 7.1, she told me that was entirely too high for a 
pumper.   The "my A1c was 14 prior to the pump, so 7.1 isn't too bad" spiel 
 didn't matter. Pumpers were supposed to be at 6.0 or under according to them.
They had no other pumpers in their practice, but as God, she knew this.   My 
next A1c, after bouts with bronchitis, pneumonia, and strep throat came back a 
7.9.   I got a letter stating that since I could not keep my diabetes in tight 
control as they instructed, I would have to find another physician.   The 
 funny thing was, they never once schedule an appointment with a nutritionist or
CDE, made any changes to my basals or bolus patterns, or anything.   The only 
diabetes-related thing they did for me was draw the A1c every 3 months.

If a physician isn't going to consider my past medical history or current 
situation(s) that affect my BG, and help me work to fix it if it's a problem, 
then the heck with them.   Pure a**es!

~ Michelle ~
Sequim, WA
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