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RE: [IP] Being fired by a doctor

That's a good point. While he may have been fortunate to discover his doc
is an ass, if you walk in the door with all your medical records and labs,
you're in a much better position to bargain.

I started collecting all my medical records recently. I generally see labs
before the doctors do. Of course, the way the @#$%@ rules are, you have to
get the doctor's permission! Bass-ackwards, it's the doc who should have
to get the patient's permission to see the results direct from the lab.
(At least here, though, you can get a copy of the records -- after the doc
has had a chance to review the labs, etc....) Buf if any doc ever were to
try that on me, he'd be fired so fast his head would spin.

Fortunately, I've never encountered anyone like that. Even my worst docs
-- whom I fired -- were not of that mindset at all.

I even have a large stack of chest X-Rays (plus a few other odds and
ends). And a CD with my angiogram movie.

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That is ridiculous, why doesnt the physians at lifesigns just transfer
your test results over to you internists? THis way no duplicate testing is
required. And how can he just refuse you like that after teling him that
you do not wish to pay a double fee for them? With my PCP, he gets all the
tests done to me if he requests them from me. I just then have my endo or
whoever fax my PCP a copy of my test results and thats it.

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