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Re: [IP] Cozmo Support

I have to agree with Brian here - it is a personal thing and you will find 
you love or hate one length.  I love 43 in sets, I have had to use the 23 in 
before and they really are a pain ;-)
I am convinced that most men like the longer set and most girls like the 
shorter set.  Maybe I am wrong, maybe I am sexest but mostly I think men use 
their belt to hold there pumps and girls are more creative about were they 
but there pump :-)
I know that for me, when I drop my pants having first forgotten to take my 
pump off the belt I LIKE have the 43 in tubing

Robert B and his 2 cents worth.

>> I have one question (as of now) though.  What length of tubing  do most
>> adults use?
> Not sure about "most adults", but I know many people have some great 
> reasons for using their preferred length.  Personally I've only used the 
> 23" on a few sample infusion sets, and I didn't like it much.  I'm tall, 
> and couldn't even set the pump on the bed while I was getting dressed. 
> When you start pumping, get some samples and before long your preferred 
> length will become apparent.
> I like the 43".  It lets me build up some extra speed before the doorknob 
> catches it and rips my set out.  ;-)
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