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[IP] Very sobering thoughts! Pumping a lethal amount of insulin in a hypo state!

I used to have nightmares like that when my husband first went on the pump.  
If he died of an insulin overdose, I would have administered the bolus!  I 
would have killed my own husband!!!

My  doctor who knows I'm nuts anyway sent me for counselling and put me on 
trazadone after I described that scenario. He's a type 1 diabetic and on a 
pump.  He hasn't offed himself yet! And he doesn't test as much as I do.

One of the signs of depression is irrational fears!  Look my husband has a 
lot of health problems.  The $6,000 pump is giving him a much improved 
quality of life.  So let's stop having these sobering thoughts, shall we?

I've always been a number freak and I've always thought my kids were one 
second from death, even though they are both perfectly healthy and fairly 
cautious so I guess I'm over-protective.  With  that combination my 
husband's blood sugar levels can not go too wrong, can they?

Maybe, your son will meet up with someone who is over-protective and he 
won't be doing himself in like this!  The pumper does have to avoid going 
that low by watching his exercise, drinking and eating vigilantly, I think!

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